Picturing Tokyo

By Emily Gold Boutilier

The idea for the Mead’s current special exhibition arose, appropriately, from an undergraduate course. First taught in 2009, “Reinventing Tokyo: The Art, Literature and Politics of Japan’s Modern Capital” was conceived by three professors—Trent Maxey, Samuel Morse and Timothy Van Compernolle—as an interdisciplinary look at how Tokyo has changed over the past century and a half.  

Just Like on "Antiques Roadshow"

By Katherine Duke ’05

Oh, wow! There’s a woman. What’s she riding? She’s riding a sea monster!

Evaluation - Art at the Heart of the College

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"Master Thief" Convicted in '75 Mead Heist Now a Hay Thief

A self-proclaimed  “master art thief” who served a ten-year prison term for stealing paintings from the Mead Museum in 1975 was arrested in August and charged with stealing hay from a farm in Mendon. Myles J.

Mead Awarded Grant for Digitizing

Artdaily.org reported on the Mead Art Museum receiving a $148,256 Museums for America Program Grant from The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The grant funds the digitizing of more than 10,000 objects in the museum’s collection. The Mead is one of fifteen museums in Massachusetts to receive this prestigious award, and one of 160 institutions nationally, from a pool of 481 applicants.

Gifts of Property

Amherst College accepts gifts of personal property, such as books, manuscripts, artwork, jewelry, antiques, and real estate, during your lifetime or by bequest. The College must give special consideration to such gifts before it can accept them, and we advise you to contact the Office of Gift Planning if you are contemplating donating such property.

No Shower in This Tower

Winner of Mead Art Museum Contest Installs Artwork in Stearns Steeple

Jutting up into the sky in front of the Mead Art Museum, Stearns Steeple has long been one of the most impressive and distinctive features of the Amherst campus. We’ve all seen its stone exterior and heard its bells, but would you care to guess what else is now inside of it?

(Music) History Detectives

By Emily Gold Boutilier


For a half century, the Mead Art Museum needed a good detective.