Ballet Dreams

A Taste of Music in the Pioneer Valley's Puerto Rican Community

To anyone unfamiliar with the Pioneer Valley (and this includes many college students here), it might seem out of place that Puerto Rican folk music could thrive in the area. But it does, and the large Puerto Rican populations spanning from Hartford to Holyoke support many local musicians playing traditional melodies. Victor Rios, shown in our documentary below, made his living for years playing Puerto Rican music as a full-time musician in the Valley.

The Halfmoon Files with filmmaker Philip Scheffner


"There once was a man.
This man came into the European war.
Germany captured this man.
He wishes to return to India.
If God has mercy, he will make peace soon.
This man will go away from here."

28th Annual Black Maria Film and Video Festival


Black Maria Film and Video Festival
Sunday, 29 March 2009, 3.00 PM
Merrill 4, Amherst College

Darfur Now

Written and directed by Ted Braun ’82. Executive producers include Dean Schram ’84. Los Angeles: Warner Independent Pictures and Participant Productions, 2007 (in theaters), 2008 (on DVD). 99 minutes.

Angels in the Dust

Produced by James Egan ’72. Los Angeles: Wild at Heart Films, Dream Out Loud Films and Parti­cipant Productions, 2007 (in theaters), 2008 (on DVD). 94 minutes.