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You can find out more at my personal home page.

My email address is ccm at cs dot amherst dot edu.



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If you have any questions regarding Girls Inc., please contact us:

Community Engagement Leaders (CELs) for Spring 2015:

Thais Calderon '17

(240) 676-1009

Joanna Mawhinney '16

(617) 599-8651

Abigail Lemma '16

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Submitted by Molly T. Venne
You can reach me at 542-2842.Catering Assistant, Amherst College Dining Services     I work for The Catering Department  

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Submitted by Nancy A. Brownfield

Financial Aid Office

B-5-A Converse Hall
AC # 2207, PO Box 5000
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

Phone:  413-542-2296

Fax:     413-542-2628



Amherst College Office of Financial Aid Contact Information and Hours