Marsh Peters Would Like You to Be on the Reunion Panel

But first, he has to get something off his chest.

By Sarah Miller ’91

Work in Progress

Pritchard's Game

On Poets & Poetry, by William H. Pritchard ’53, Henry Clay Folger Professor of English (Swallow Press)

Review by Christopher R. Miller ’90

Meet the Seniors

Sure, they’re thrilled to graduate. But where are they going? Where have they been? Amherst  interviewed more than two dozen members of the Class of ’08—men and women who’ve studied in Siberia, Greece, India; who’ve worked for record labels, hospitals, senators; who’ve joined the U.S. Navy and the Peace Corps. Here are 15 of their stories.

Sue Miller Reads from "Inventing the Abbots," March 26, 2002

Novelist Sue Miller read her short story "Inventing the Abbots" at Amherst College on March 26, 2002.