Garden Club

Submitted by David S. Emmerman

Amherst Garden Club has now been around for three years, and always expanding. Located behind the Zu (Humphries House) we have 9 large outdoor garden boxes and a newly constructed greenhouse that houses four indoor beds. We grow a variety of vegetables, experiment with fall and winter crops, and give students a space to grow whatever vegetables, fruits and flowers they like.

Amherst College Bike Share

Submitted by John Michael on Thursday, 12/24/2015, at 4:27 PM

The Amherst College Bike Share, or ACBS, is a free service for the students of Amherst College to use. Its goal is to promote sustainable travel and recreation to a student population that may not have the tools necessary to participate in an environmentally conscious platform of transportation.

Navigate through the menu on the left for all you need to know to be a Bike Sharer. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Bike Share, feel free to reach out to us at