1493: An Interview with Charles Mann '76 and Professor Jan Dizard


Not only does the environment have a history—in that there are environmental changes—but it is inextricably bound up with all of human history.”

The Hunting Professor

Professor Jan Dizard hunts feathered prey with his bird dog, Dee.

Fall means more to Jan Dizard than a return to teaching.

The humanities professor who hunts

The Boston Globe’s Brainiac blog as well as The Chronicle of Higher Education (registration required) featured American Studies professor Jan Dizard and his love of hunting.

The Hunting Professor

Fall means more to Professor Jan Dizard than a return to teaching, grading, advising and other academic tasks. For Dizard, the Charles Hamilton Houston Professor in American Culture, autumn also signifies another hunting season. It means weekends spent in the woods of New England and beyond, accompanied by his birddog, Dee, stalking feathered prey such as ruffed grouse, woodcock, pheasants and wild turkey.

It's the Environment, Stupid

Professional and Biographical Information

Degrees Ph.D., University of Chicago (1967) M.A., University of Chicago (1964) B.A., University of Minnesota at Duluth (1962) A.M. (honorary), Amherst College (1978)