President Martin to New Students: “We Celebrate Both Teaching and Learning”

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Letter from President Biddy Martin

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

Dear Members of the Amherst Community,

This past October, in response to reports of sexual assault, Amherst College formed the Special Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct. The committee, chaired by Professor Margaret Hunt and composed of students, faculty, staff, and trustees, was charged with providing a report that reviewed policies and made specific recommendations aimed at improving our capacity to prevent and address incidents of sexual misconduct. Given the urgency of the matter, the committee was asked to prepare the report for presentation to me and then to the Board of Trustees at the January meeting that just concluded.

Video: Conversation with President Biddy Martin

November 10, 2012

President Biddy Martin spoke with alumni, families and friends on Saturday morning over Homecoming Weekend. This extended conversation was an opportunity to respond to recent events and, more broadly, to discuss student life at Amherst. Cullen Murphy ’74, chair of the Amherst College Board of Trustees, introduced President Martin. Watch video below.

Convocation 2012

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An Amherst Conversation and Annual Meeting of the Society of the Alumni and the Alumni Council

Conversation with President Anthony W. Marx and Annual Meeting of the Society of the Alumni and the Alumni Council

As part of the Annual Meeting,  Distinguished Service Awards will be presented and  names of the recently elected alumni trustees and committee members and officers of the Society of the Alumni will be announced.