Copyright and Audio-Visual Works

Showing a film can be important for teaching and other College activities. In many situations, it is also allowed under copyright law, but not all uses, even those for educational or non-profit purposes, are lawful.

Justice at the Movies: Top Ten Trial Films

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Angelina Gomez’s summer research was part of a larger effort by Associate Professor of Psychology Matthew Schulkind to study gender differences in memory.

"No, I Am Your Father"

Are men more likely than women to accurately recall movie lines? As part of a psychology professor’s research into this question, Angelina Gomez ’14 has scrutinized exactly 635 quotes that Amherst students think they know by heart.

Queer Resource Center DVD Resources

The QRC has the following DVDs for you to watch in the room or borrow:

Willing to Grow Hair (Starting Now)

imageReal hippies at the real Woodstock.By Emily Gold Boutilier

Inside Keefe Campus Center, things were not going well for the two men seated beneath a handmade sign. 

Movie Extras Wanted, the sign proclaimed, in red marker.

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