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Forty Years Later, Amherst’s First CIO

Not Like the Old Days

This fall, the college’s new chief information officer, Gayle Barton, put together an “IT Index” that begins to illustrate just how much has changed since Bennison’s days in the Computer Center. Here are some items from the index.

Percentage of applicants to the Class of 2016 who applied online: 99

Number of applicants without an email address: 1 (out of 8,461)

Percentage of the Class of 2016 who are members of their class Facebook page: 79, down from 99 percent four years ago

The Code of Converse

By John B. Bennison ’74

When I arrived at Amherst in the fall of 1970, my first priority, after locating my dorm and the dining hall, was to stake out the route to my campus mailbox—a connection to the world outside. I found the mailroom in the basement of Converse Hall, a former library that was, by then, an administrative building.

New CIO Reflects on Her First Few Months on the Job

October 4, 2012

Amid a constantly changing technological landscape, Amherst has hired Gayle Barton for the college’s new position of chief information officer.

Information Technology Policies

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As in other aspects of College life, members of the Amherst community are bound by the Statement of Intellectual Responsibility and the Statement on Respect for Persons in all work done using IT facilities or equipment.

Lessons from LangBot

November 20, 2009

A member of the college’s information technology department and two faculty colleagues are hoping that a new tutor will be able to provide answers to many of the questions that learners of Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese may have.

Times Have Changed

1.     Percentage of prospective first-years who applied online to Amherst in 2003: 33

2.     Percentage who applied online in 2008: 89

3.     By the end of August 2008, number of members of the Amherst Class of ’12 Facebook group: 432

4.     Total number of students in the Class of ’12: 440

5.     Number of first-years who brought desktop computers to campus this year: 14

6.     Total number of students who have landline phone service on campus this year: 5