Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for New International Students

Below are some of the questions that new students most frequently ask. The answers have been provided by many Amherst community members such as current students, including the International Students Association.


Q: How many Jewish students are at Amherst?

     A: There are approximately 200 Jewish students at Amherst, which is just over 10% of the overall student population.

Q: I'm not very religious, is there a place for me at Hillel?

     A: Hillel is the main Jewish organization on campus, and we welcome everybody, including non-Jewish students.

FAQ Network Registration for Guests/Visitors

Why do I have to register my computer or other devices?

All electronic devices connecting to the Amherst College Ethernet or wireless (Wi-Fi) networks must go through a network registration process. Network registration (NetReg) allows the IT department to associate your contact information with your device(s). Should there be a problem, it will allow us to get in touch with you quickly.

NetReg FAQ for Amherst Community

Why do I have to register my device(s) such as computers, wireless devices, etc.?

Registering your device(s) allows the IT department to associate your Amherst username with your devices. That way, if IT suspects that your computer or other device(s) get infected with a virus or need to be isolated from the campus network, you can be contacted in a timely manner.