Professor Catherine Ciepiela Publishes Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets

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when trees write                                                                                                     если деревья пишут,
it’s to the white flowers                                                                                           то белым цветам,
that walked the garden                                                                                           что ходили по саду. 

when birds do                                                                                                         если птицы,
it’s of what can’t be sung                                                                                       о том, чего спеть нельзя.

lumps do not speak,                                                                                              комья не говорят,
in flowerpots                                                                                                           по цветочным горшкам
they have buried silence.                                                                                      зарыли молчание.

 —Anna Glazova                                                                                                              —Анна Глазова


Times Literary Supplement: A Higher Romance

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The August 3 Times Literary Supplement reviewed "The Same Solitude: Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetaeva" by Professor of Russian Catherine Ciepiela '83. Reviewer Rachel Polonsky says "Ciepiela, with admirable tact and erudition, maps the movement between emotional experience registered in the letters [between Pasternak and Tsvetaeva], and the metrical, rhythmic, metaphorical and myth-laden structures of verse."