Summer Camp(us)

By Katherine Duke '05

You might think that, after Commencement and Reunion each year, the Amherst College campus empties out for the summer. You might picture the 1,000 acres lying mostly quiet and uninhabited, except by a few student interns and the occasional tour group, from June through August. You might assume that that the classroom buildings, the gyms, the performance spaces and the dining hall basically shut down. You’d be wrong. Every summer, the campus hosts more than two dozen programs for kids and adults, from Nike Tennis Camp, to the Summer Science & Humanities Programs for incoming Amherst first-years, to the Ko Festival of Performance, to a Biology Teachers’ Workshop in Genomics.


When School's Out

By Emily Gold BoutilierThe morning of July 3 found Ilán Stavans, the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture and the Five College 40th Anniversary Professor, in Cole Assembly Room talking about the Statue of Liberty. “I wonder,” he suggested to a room of high schoolers, “if she is meant to represent motherhood.” A student countered: “She looks like a guy with long hair.”