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There’s an App for That

Philosophy question? There’s an app for that

May 18, 2010

AMHERST, Mass. — The world’s leading online resource for questions about the meaning of life, ethics and other existential matters has now launched an app for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones.

What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers Answer Your Questions about Love, Nothing­ness and Everything Else

What Would Socrates Say?
Edited by Professor of Philosophy Alexander George. New York: Clarkson Potter, 2007. 256 pp. $19.95 hardcover.

The Telegraph: The 101 most useful websites

Submitted by Caroline J. Hanna, the creation of Amherst Philosophy Professor Alex George, was picked by the UK's Telegraph newspaper for its 101 most useful websites list.

Amherst College Professor Alexander George Answers Life’s Big Questions New Book

Submitted by Patricia M. Allen
October 2, 2007 Contact: Stacey Schmeidel Director of Public Affairs 413/542-2321