Close to Home

By Katherine Duke ’05

One of the many reasons I chose to attend Amherst College was that it was far away. Or, far enough away.  My parents could do the three-hour drive fairly easily when I wanted them to—but only when I wanted them to. The other serious contender, Vassar, was only an hour from my hometown. I cringed when I realized it got the same radio stations. I have nothing against my family or my high school, but I wanted my college experience to feel separate from them. So Amherst it was.

Alumni and Parent Programs

A. Elizabeth Anema, Executive Director of Alumni and Parent Programs and Annual Giving

Pontypool, 22 Snell Street
(413) 542–2313


Megan Morey, Chief Advancement Officer

Smith House, 22 Hitchcock Road 

(413) 542–5900