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If you have any questions regarding Girls Inc., please contact us:

Community Engagement Leaders (CELs) for Spring 2015:

Thais Calderon '17

(240) 676-1009

Joanna Mawhinney '16

(617) 599-8651

Abigail Lemma '16

Attendance Policy

Since Girls Inc. relies on Amherst tutors  to be present every day, it is vital that everyone commit to his/her schedule. Not only is attendance important to give the girls consistancy and provide a solid bond, but a lack of regular attendance affect the Girls Inc. program and its funding. Tutors who are signed up for one shift only have 12 shifts to commit to in the semester. The girls look forward to the tutors coming each week, so it's important that we are reliable and show that we are committed to each and every girl. 

Ensuring Maximum Participation

Ensuring Maximum Participation

  • Audience — Decide whether your event is open to Amherst faculty, staff and students; Five College faculty, staff and students; or the general public. Plan your publicity accordingly.