How to copy or move a page

  1. Under the Settings tab, click Copy/Move.
  2. Choose whether to Copy or Move.
  3. Check what to copy.  Make sure to check Contents if you don't want an empty page.
  4. Choose a destination -- the place you want to move your page to.
  5. Click Go!

Note that if you did not use mm links for internal links on your pages, they will break after you move them.


How to hide and unhide pages

By default, any page that you create will be visible in the left-hand navigation present throughout the entire Amherst website.  To hide a page, click the Settings tab on the top of the page you want to hide, click on Menu and layout, and check the box Don't show this page in the menu. Likewise, uncheck this box to unhide the page.


How to create a new subsection

By default, whenever you create a sub-page, it will add that page below its parent page in the left-hand column navigation.  By creating a new sub-section, a page will be placed at the top of the left-hand navigation and any sub-pages will appear below it.  If a page has many sub-pages, then it may be a good idea to give it its own sub-section as it would otherwise clutter the left hand navigation.