President Marx's Comments on Business Week Article

February 28, 2006 The College welcomes the comments and suggestions we have received in response to the recent article in Business Week. We are actively discussing the support and concerns expressed. I believe that only with a full discussion and debate can the College refine and advance the thinking about its futureā€”building upon our strengths rather than just resting upon them. Led by the Committee on Academic Priorities, we have been engaged in a year-long conversation about our future.

Letter from President Anthony W. Marx

After a year of intensive deliberations, the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP) has issued its report to the faculty, which lays out guideposts for an on-going process of planning the College's coming decades. No activity could be more important for ensuring the continued vitality and influence of Amherst, and the campus community has engaged in this process with appropriate and impressive vigor.

Charge to the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP)

The Committee on Academic Priorities is charged by the President after consultation with the Committee of Six to deliberate with the campus community to develop proposals to meet the academic needs of the College over the next decade and beyond. The Committee is asked to submit its recommendations to the President and the Committee of Six in December 2005 for consideration by the Faculty, in the understanding that the outcome of the discussion will inform the stated goals of a comprehensive fundraising campaign and be a resource for other kinds of institutional planning.