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I’ve been gone for a few weeks — end-of-semester duties were definitely calling! There were exams to study for and take, presentations to practice, and papers to write. After the last day of classes two Wednesdays ago, we had three days of reading period before exams started (on a Sunday!). There were five days of exams, one slot in the morning and one in the afternoon. My first year was actually the worst because I had three exams for STEM classes back-to-back in the first three slots, the first day and a half. Needless to say, I was pretty wrecked by my last exam (physics!!).


Article with Pope Francis's Response to 4/15 Boston

Pope Francis has offered a response to the 4/15 events in Boston. Visit URL for related article.

Care, Reaching Out, Prayer. 4/16 Email from Chris Clark

Email to Catholic community mailing list. April 16, 2013.
I am writing for several reasons this morning.
  • Though I have many feelings and thoughts about it I would like to share my sense of shock, sadness and anger in the wake of the violence done at the Boston Marathon yesterday. At the same time I was grateful to be able to be in touch, especially through social media, especially as news and rumors spread.