Innovative Program Helps Students Tackle Science, Math

Submitted on Thursday, 8/14/2014, at 9:52 AM

By Peter Rooney

On a summer afternoon in an Amherst College chemistry lab, new friends and incoming first-year students Natalia Dyer of Queens, N.Y., and Alejandra Possu of Houston take a break from writing a lab report.

They’re part of a group of admitted Amherst students selected to participate in an innovative science and math program that introduces them to some of the toughest calculus and chemistry problems they’ll face during their first year at Amherst.

Puffers Pond and Studying Abroad

This week I went to Puffers Pond for the first time ever. It was so great. I had never been to a pond before so it was a great experience. It is a pond with a small beach and a beautiful waterfall. There’s actually a bus that takes students there but I drove with my friend. It’s about 6 miles a way, maybe a 10-minute car drive so it’s fairly close. I would definitely recommend that every student go there at least once before you leave Amherst. People dive into the pond from small cliffs and it’s a lot of fun and best of all…it’s free!

Life Outside of College

So this is my first blog post (YAY?!!?). I am both excited and nervous right now. Excited because I’ve never really been in the public eye before--I pray to God that I don’t make a fool out of myself--and nervous because I am hoping that you will find my post entertaining and will want to read more.

After a marathon of Game of Thrones Season 1 (I am trying to get Julia, the other blogger, to get into GoT, so please pester her about watching!!! Just kidding. But not really though……), I have finally mustered up the motivation to write my first blog post. Here goes nothing…..!

The Flip Side of Amherst

Soooo, not to be super cheesy guys, but I’m learning really cool stuff about Amherst all the time.  I love hanging out at and in Amherst during the year because there’s always so much going on, either on our campus, on one of the Five College campuses, or in town. 

Yale this summer, theological study?

The Amherst College Chaplains have received the following note with attachments. You might be interested in seeing what Yale might have to offer you or a friend this summer.