Eco-Rep Application

Do you have an interest in raising student awareness about environmental issues and educating peers about environmentally sustainable behavior? If so, you are meant to be a freshman Eco-Rep!  Please complete this application form and submit it by the posted due date.  One student (ideally a resident) from each freshman dormitory will be an Eco-Rep, selected by committee through this application process. The position will be year-long.

Eco-Reps will communicate regularly with students in their dormitories about the “whys and hows” of sustainable living, on campus and beyond. This will be done through conversations, fliers, dorm-wide e-mail announcements, dorm activities, etc. Eco-Reps will also serve as liaisons between the College administration and dorm residents for temporary or ongoing programs and events such as recycling and energy competitions. In order to keep the College administration informed, Eco-Reps would also keep tabs on their dorm residents’ adoption of and attitudes towards sustainability measures.

Due date for freshmen: Sunday, October 11th

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Dorm Name for Current School Year
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Group commitments (ie: sports teams, orchestra) in addition to any other commitments that would impede your ability to function as a successful Eco-rep
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