Girls Inc. Application

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for Girls Inc. please fill out the following form. If you have any questions about the application or the program itself, please email Joanna Mawhinney ( or Abigail Lemma (

Personal Information
ex. 303-513-2914
Tutoring Preferences
Please select the choices that best fit your schedule. We will inform you what shifts are available after receiving this form.  All shifts run from 3-6:30pm.
How many shifts do you want? *
First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird ChoiceUnavailable
All shifts are scheduled to run from 3-6:30 including travel time. If there is a shift when you know that you will not be available please select "Unavailable." Fridays will be free days for the girls meaning there will not be tutoring but instead an opportunity to get to know the girls better and possibly organize your own activities for the girls.
Previous Experience
Have you tutored with Girls Inc. before? *
We give priority to tutors who would be willing to drive for their shifts.
Would you be willing to be a driver for your shift? *
Are you registered to drive on campus (i.e. registered within the last year with the Five Colleges: )? *
Attendance Policy
Attendance for Girls Inc. is imperative for the girls as well as the program and requires that each tutor show up for the shift(s) they committed to at the beginning of the semester. A tutor can only miss their shift if they contact and their Shift Coordinator 24 hours in advance. If a tutor realizes they will be absent less than 24 hours before his or her shift, the tutor must contact Marisa Titone (whose number will be provided) and their SC, in addition to emailing tutors fail to follow this procedure twice he/she will be asked to leave the program.
Mandated Reporting
All Girls Inc. staff and volunteers are considered mandated reporters. If a girl shares that she has experienced a situation that puts her safety at risk, it is the volunteers responsibility to immediately report this to a staff member or the director. If you hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you question the safety of a girl please report what you heard to the director, Daisy Jimenez, or another staff member before leaving Girls Inc.
Shift Coordinator Position
     Tutors have the opportunity to apply for the position of Shift Coordinator. Shift Coordinators will act as a liaison between the tutors and Girls Inc staff, as well as being in charge of coordinating their shift for the day. Specifically, a Shift Coordinator would be responsible for: talking with the staff member at the beginning of each shift and then relaying the information of the lesson plan for the day to tutors, collecting feedback from the other tutors in their shift, monthly meetings with the other Shift Coordinators and the CELs to discuss feedback gathered from each shift and ideas of how to improve the organization, coordinating with the CEL in charge of SCs throughout the semester, organizing at least one dinner a semester with their shift, ensuring that tutors reflect after each session, work on individual projects at Girls Inc. during the semester based on the Girls Inc curriculum. Previous experience with Girls Inc. is recommended but not required. 
I am interested in the Shift Coordinator Position (DO NOT FILL OUT ESSAYS IF YES):
Every semester, Shift Coordinators are responsible for designing and carrying out a project that will better the Girls Inc. program. The CELs will guide you through this process and provide any materials you may need. Previous projects have included organizing the onsite library and encouraging writing, with journals and writing prompts.
*This is mandatory for new tutors*
*This is mandatory for new tutors*
*This is mandatory for new tutors*
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Eco-Rep Application

Do you have an interest in raising student awareness about environmental issues and educating peers about environmentally sustainable behavior? If so, you are meant to be a freshman Eco-Rep!  Please complete this application form and submit it by the posted due date.  One student (ideally a resident) from each freshman dormitory will be an Eco-Rep, selected by committee through this application process. The position will be year-long.

Eco-Reps will communicate regularly with students in their dormitories about the “whys and hows” of sustainable living, on campus and beyond. This will be done through conversations, fliers, dorm-wide e-mail announcements, dorm activities, etc. Eco-Reps will also serve as liaisons between the College administration and dorm residents for temporary or ongoing programs and events such as recycling and energy competitions. In order to keep the College administration informed, Eco-Reps would also keep tabs on their dorm residents’ adoption of and attitudes towards sustainability measures.

Due date for freshmen: Sunday, October 11th

Applicant First and Last Name
Amherst College Identification Number
Dorm Name for Current School Year
(ie: Fall Only, Spring Only, Fall & Spring)
Group commitments (ie: sports teams, orchestra) in addition to any other commitments that would impede your ability to function as a successful Eco-rep
Dates and Times
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International Student Applicants

We welcome first-year and transfer applications from international students!
Typically, about 15% of our students come from secondary schools or universities outside the United States: approximately 10% are non-U.S. citizens who come from over 55 countries; another 5% hold dual citizenship with the U.S. and another country and have lived or studied outside the U.S.