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Chemistry Research

Current areas of research in the Department are: inorganic and hybrid materials synthesis; protein-nucleic acid interactions; immunochemistry; fluorescence and single-molecule spectroscopy; high resolution molecular spectroscopy of jet-cooled species; ab initio, quantum chemical calculation of molecular properties and intermolecular interactions; chemical-genetic characterization of cell signaling enzymes; protein phosphatase inhibitor design; biochemistry of tRNA modification enzymes; investigation of the protein folding landscape of kinetically stabilized proteins; development of hydrogen

Experiential Learning

Students in Keefe Campus Center

Center for Community Engagement

The College’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) helps students put their education to work for the common good. The CCE:

Biology Recent & Ongoing Research

Walking Under the Influence (of Your Phone)

Article by William Sweet

Photo by Rob Mattson

[Research] “Look both ways before crossing the street.” It’s a lesson that most of us learn by age 6. But according to Leah Thompson ’15, lead researcher and author of a new study on pedestrian behavior, it’s also a lesson that many adults unlearn.

The culprit, in many cases, is the smartphone.

Learn It Through the Grapevine

Submitted on Thursday, 2/28/2013, at 12:38 PM

Article by Katherine Duke ’05
Photos by Rob Mattson

Plum. Vanilla. Licorice. Leather. Oak. Old Band-Aid.

These were just a few of the scents that students were challenged to identify at a recent meeting of their seminar on “Wine, History and the Environment.” Working in small groups, the students moved around the Environmental Geology Lab of the Beneski Earth Sciences building and took turns sniffing small vials of the chemical compounds that create these aromas in wine, trying to locate each smell on an aroma wheel. Later, they sipped water subtly flavored with other compounds—as well as some actual 2009 Malbec from Argentina—and attempted to describe the tastes.   

Just the Facts, Ma’am

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Angelina Gomez’s summer research was part of a larger effort by Associate Professor of Psychology Matthew Schulkind to study gender differences in memory.