The Epic and the Russian Novel

“The Best Toga Party on Campus”

1984 Report on Conditions for Faculty Women

Report submitted October 1984 by Amrita Basu, Frederick Griffiths, Stephanie Sandler, David Sofield (chair) and Marguerite Waller, members of the Ad Hoc Committee selected by the Committee of Six and assigned to answer nine specific questions 1n November 1983.

Office Space: Rick Griffiths

Professor of Classics and Women's and Gender Studies Rick Griffiths has been a bit of a nomad over the past few years. After having offices in Grosvenor House and Converse Hall, he's settled into a new space tucked between geology professors' offices in the Earth Sciences and Natural History Building. "I don't have tools or rocks like they do ... I have tchotchkes." Explore his puppets, books, stand-in parents and total lack of classical pottery (there's a reason) below. 


Professor Rick Griffiths