Emergency Information

EMERGENCY (413) 542-2111
Call this number in the event of an emergency, including those involving fire or hazardous materials and any emergency that might require police, firefighters, an ambulance or emergency medical personnel.

Police non-emergency line: (413) 542-2291


Food and Kitchen Safety

January 2010

Just the facts:

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)…

Amherst Fire Department

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The Amherst Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are (2) fire stations located within the Town of Amherst:

  1. Central Fire Station - 68 North Pleasant St. (413) 259-3086

  2. North Fire Station - 603 East Pleasant St. (413) 259-3085

Amherst College Police

Emergency   Emergency: (413) 542-2111  |   Business: (413) 542-2291

Student Fire Safety Guidelines

Hot Work Permit Program

Fire Reporting Procedures

January 2012

The following CAPE procedure shall be followed when someone discovers a fire in a building, regardless of how large the fire is:

Fireplace Safety

January 2012

Fireplace equipment must include:

  1. Fire Place
    Fireplace screen
  2. Fireplace tools (heat resistant gloves, poker, shovel and tongs)
  3. Metal bucket or container with proper fitting cover for ash and ember removal