President Martin’s Statement on Sexual Assault

October 18, 2012

Dear Members of the Amherst Community,

I write in response to the recent news about an incident of sexual violence and misconduct on the Amherst campus and to reports that the College has failed to treat similar incidents with adequate transparency or seriousness. A student’s first-person account in this week’s Amherst Student is horrifying—her rape, her painful efforts to deal with it on her own, and her subsequent experiences when she sought help on the campus.

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Information

Sexual-Assault Report Released

By Emily Gold Boutilier

[Update] Responses to sexual assault complaints were “quite mixed and at times inadequate” prior to summer 2012. First-year women are most at risk of being raped. Sexual misconduct is not a worse problem at Amherst than it is at other colleges.  

Those are among the conclusions in a Jan. 30 report of the college’s Special Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct, which President Biddy Martin formed as one response to Angie Epifano ’14’s published account of being raped on campus.

Shining a Spotlight on Sexual Assault

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Years from now, when today’s students point to the date when a campus movement went from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil, they’ll likely identify Oct. 17, 2012. That’s when, all around campus, people opened The Amherst Student or went to its website and found an op-ed by Angie Epifano ’14.

Policies, Handbooks and Related Materials

Things to Consider

Whom Can I Call?

While we recognize that a report may emerge through many sources, we encourage those who experience sexual misconduct to report directly to the Amherst College Police or the Title IX Deputy Coordinators or the Coordinator. These individuals will assist in eliminating the misconduct, preventing its recurrence, and addressing the effects.

What to Do If You Experience Sexual Misconduct

If you experience an act of sexual misconduct, you are likely to have many common concerns, including physical health and safety, emotional and mental well-being, medical issues such as sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and, for some, interpersonal relationships. Another common concern may be understanding the disciplinary or legal options for responding to the act.

Board of Trustees' Statement on Sexual Misconduct and Assault

October 20, 2012

To the Members of the Amherst College Community:

Amherst College is confronting one of the most serious challenges facing colleges and universities across the country—sexual misconduct and assault.  In the way that it responds to these issues, the College is committed to holding itself accountable to the highest possible standard.

A message from President Martin regarding sexual misconduct

October 11, 2012

Dear Amherst students,

I write to you concerning a matter that affects our entire community and for which we are all responsible, in one way or another. This message includes both information and an invitation. I know you are busy, but the issues are important. I hope you will take the time to read it.