A Financial Framework Statement for Amherst College in the 1990's

Underlying the establishment of a Priorities Planning Committee in January 1992 was knowledge that the College faces financial stringencies in the 1990s that are significantly different in magnitude from those of the 1980s. The latter decade was characterized by a high rate of growth in both operating and capital expenditures and by returns from endowment that were well above historic rates of return. The projection for the next decade is that the rate of growth in the resources necessary to maintain our expenditure and asset bases will be greatly diminished.

The Financial Framework: An Update—February 2001

Amherst College The Financial Framework An Update – February 2001
Background The Board of Trustees convened the Priorities Planning Committee in February 1992 to study the College's near- and long-term prospects and priorities. The charge to that Committee asked four questions, two that related directly to the state of the College's financial and physical assets. They were: