Classics Art

Grave Stele 4th century BC Pentelic Marble

Department of Art and the History of Art

Professors Abiodun, Courtright, Keller, Kimball*, Morse*, Staller*, and R. Sweeney (Chair); Senior Resident Artists Garand and Gloman; Assistant Professor Levine; Visiting Artists-in-Residence Ewald (fall) and TBA (spring); Five College Visiting Associate Professor Falk (spring); Keiter Fellow and Assistant Professor Rice; Visiting Lecturers Culhane, Meyer (fall) and Young (spring).

* On leave 2015-16.
† On leave fall semester 2015-16.
‡ On leave spring semester 2015-16


Sharon, an abstract painting

Hello, Amherst

Submitted by Diana M. Cappiello