Reporting Requirements

Incidental Leaks, Releases and Spills

Incidental vs. Large Scale Spills

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In terms of size, Amherst College has identified two levels of spills:

Emergency Response Agencies

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Amherst College has previously identified Emergency Response Agencies that are able to assist in the mitigation of a hazardous material incident involving but not limited to asbestos, chemicals, gas leaks and odors, oil spills and other incidents that may adversely affect the college community, the general public and/or the environment.

The agencies that are to be called upon include:

Hazardous Material Locations (Site Specific)

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Locations at Amherst College that pose the most significant risks to our emergency response agencies include:

Potential and Past Incidents


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Potential Incidents

The most common hazardous material incidents that are likely to occur at Amherst College would be:

Ultimate Responsibility

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Under the direction of the Amherst College President, Dean of Faculty and the Chief of Campus Operations, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety shall assume the responsibility of Emergency Director for all campus emergencies including hazardous material incidents.


Hazardous Material Plan