Calvin Hastings Plimpton '39 — Recollections

Calvin Hastings Plimpton '39 — Recollections

Impersonating a Farmer

1972 Farm Journal, by Oakes Plimpton ’54 (iUniverse)

Reviewed by William H. Pritchard ’53

Some Bricks

By Professor of Philosophy Alexander George

Some bricks at AmherstCollege have felt the presence of Isaac Newton and Samuel Johnson.

The tale begins in the early 18th Century, when Newton moved into a house at 35 St. Martin’s Street, just south of

The Strange Journey of Newton's Fireplace

imageimageThe Newton fireplace, then and now.By Emily Gold Boutilier

Calvin Hastings Plimpton '39 — Recollections

Ted Greene '43 and Calvin H. Plimpton '39 Obituaries in Boston Globe

Submitted by Samuel A. Masinter

The Boston Globe is running the obituaries of Winthrop H. Smith '16 Professor of History Emeritus Ted Greene '43 and former college president Calvin H. Plimpton '39. Both articles discuss Greene's and Plimpton's deep involvements with the college's move to coeducation in 1974.