Drafts of the Mission Statement

First draft:
The Mission of Amherst College Terras irradient“Let them give light to the world.”1821

Major Revisions

Major issues in the second draft (quoted in italics):
Student responsibility:

Issues to be Considered in Drafting a Mission Statement

  1. High standards of intellectual and creative work;
  2. Purposeful smallness to allow students to interact with teachers, staff, and each other;
  3. Faculty research and artistic creation;
  4. Fostering intellectual autonomy;
  5. Access for the most promising students without regard to their ability to pay;
  6. A community diverse in background and outlook living in a climate of civility and mutual concern;
  7. Producing graduates who will lead and serve in all fields;
  8. Freedom of inquiry and expression;
  9. F

Interim Report on the Adoption of a Mission Statement of the Ad Hoc Faculty Group on Reaccreditation

Final Report on Adopting the Mission Statement


Ad Hoc Faculty Advisory Group on Reaccreditation
Professors Gregory Call (Mathematics and Computer Science), Dean of the Faculty, ex officio; Rhonda Cobham-Sander (Black Studies and English), Special Assistant to the President for Diversity; Tekla Harms (Geology); Peter Lobdell (Theater and Dance); Rose Olver (Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies); Stanley Rabinowitz (Russian); and Frederick (Rick) Griffiths (Classics and Women’s and Gender Studies), Associate Dean of the Faculty (secretary)