Organization & history

Elected Officers, 2012-13
  • Owen King, Chairman
  • Debby Applegate, Vice Chairman
  • Katherine Soule, Vice Chairman for Finance
  • Polly Longsworth, Assistant Secretary
Ex-Officio Officers
  • Bryn Geffert, Librarian of the College, Secretary
  • Kevin Weinman, Treasurer of the College, Treasurer


2013-2014 Officers:

President: Angelina Gomez '14 
Vice President:  Julia Edholm '15
Supreme Chancellor: Alexandra Burkot '15
Secretary: Becky Danning '16
Business Manager: Jordan Hugh Sam '14
Performance Manager: David Nam '16
Librarian: Julia Edholm '15
Webmaster/Archivist: Asa Goodwillie '16
Care Package Coordinator: