J. Arthur Miller  '54
Major at Amherst: Fine Arts (shared the Heisey Prize with Maury Childs)
Current Job Title: Architect/ Planner (firm Owner)
Artist Web site(s): www.jamillerarchitect.com
Type of Art: Modern Architecture and Site Design/Planning.
Artist Statement:


Architecture, Seen Beyond the Drafting Table: A New Major

Submitted on Monday, 8/27/2012, at 4:35 PM

By William Sweet

Architectural studies, the latest addition to the list of majors available to Amherst students, is more than what its name implies. Students concentrating on architecture won’t just draw on drafting boards or in digital design studios; they will be drawing on multiple disciplines, including art history, environmental studies, performance studies, history, economics and more.

Enlightening the Earth

By Rand Richards Cooper ’80


No single view of the new science center
will disclose its whole shape.

Elevated Lift / Ladder Safety Program

February 2011

For Architects / Designers / Engineers and Inspectors

This program is to properly assist non-construction companies gain access to elevated levels and surfaces for purposes of evaluation and inspection. This program is not applicable for construction or repair work.