Amherst College Radiation Safety

Laser Safety Program

Patriot Act

Dangerous Goods Transportation Policy

Federal Express (FedEx)

How to Prepare a Hazardous Materials Shipment for Ground Transportation

Chemical Inventory Control Policy

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Housekeeping and Maintenance for Level 2 Biosafety Laboratories

January 2010

The following guidelines and procedures shall be used by the Physical Plant before housekeeping and maintenance activities and initiatives are undertaken for the Level 2 Biosafety Laboratory Facility. The sole purpose of this guideline is to protect the health and safety of our employees and to prevent the spread of contamination.

Smoking Policy

January 2013


The purpose of the Amherst College No Smoking Policy is to limit the potential exposure of faculty, staff, students and visitors to the effects of second hand smoke and reduce the risk of fire on campus.


Septic System Management Policy

MRSA Policies and Procedures

January 2010

For your health, safety and well being...

Do not share…
  • towels, soap, cosmetics, lubricants or clothing
Separate your clothing, equipment & towels from others.
  • use a personal bag or storage space and clean or launder frequently
Properly clean and/or sanitize protective clothing & equipment.