Amherst Website CMS Trainings Offered for January

We have scheduled Amherst Website CMS trainings for Interterm. All trainings will take place in the Barker Room A Level Frost Library.

If we don’t get any signups or very few for these series of trainings we will also schedule another round of trainings for Spring. You can also call the Help Desk and request specific CMS training as needed if you have a new employee or changed job responsibilities.

The Creating and Maintaining Webforms training will include working with webforms for Course Evaluations for ADCs.

Formatting Content for a Responsive Design

What does “responsive design” mean? It means that a website changes to show content differently on different screen sizes, such as the smaller screens of tablets or the very small screens of mobiles. Amherst’s website is now responsive in its overall look and behavior, but we rely on individual page authors to format their content so that it can collapse well on small screens, while still looking good on large screens.


Submitted by Rachael S. Gross
I am currently in a CMS training and decided to stop paying attention and start my webpage instead.  Since I'm not on my own computer, I have no cool "uploaded files" (i.e. pictures) to share.  : (  Oh, well.  I'm sure there will be more exciting things to come... maybe.  It's quite possible that this will be the last thing I ever put on here. ~Rachael