Give the Pirates Your Whiskey

By William Sweet

[Sailing] When a toothless character reeking of dead fish demands liquor from you and there’s nothing around but miles of ocean, what’s a good Christian to do?

If you’re the Rev. John Potter ’68, you give the man your liquor.

At Reunion 2013, Potter, minister of the First Congregational Church in Wiscasset, Maine, gave a talk about the year he spent in the Caribbean aboard his 39-foot Allied Mistress ketch, the Renaissance.

Sailing Across the Atlantic Ocean

Submitted by H. Franklin Bloomer
I grew up in Riverside, CT, close to Long Island Sound, and my friends and I spent much of the summers of our childhoods in small sailboats. Stepping onto a sailboat was entering a different yet changeable and much wider world. Changeable because wind, weather and tides combined to change in infinite ways the physical environment in which we sailed.