Jibaro Exploration

Submitted by Ashley N. Soto on Thursday, 9/24/2009, at 10:29 PM

Tom and I are going into the Puerto Rican community of the Pioneer Valley to explore the jibaro music that thrives in the area.  The family who owns and operates Santiago's Family Restaurant in Westfield, MA also has a family jibaro-esque band "Grupo Canela" that plays there every Friday and Saturday.  Tomorrow, Tom and I will be going to scope out the venue.

Time for an update

Submitted by David R. Choffnes
Hi folks, This is Dave Choffnes, your new Class Web Editor. I'm tasked with maintaining this site and generally making it a better way for us to stay informed and connected as a class. I'll be bringing the site up to date in the next few weeks, but I need your help. If you have anything you want added to this site, e-mail me at drchoffnes@gmail.com. In the meantime, enjoy this welcome from our class president, Rebecca Binder. Dear Classmates: