Museum Forum, an Open Discussion about Amherst College’s Mead Art Museum, Slated for Feb. 4

January 28, 2009     
For Immediate Release                    

Elizabeth Barker
Director and Chief Curator, Mead Art Museum

AMHERST, Mass. — Art-loving residents of the Pioneer Valley, in addition to Amherst College faculty, students and staff, are invited to attend the second Museum Forum of the 2008-2009 academic year on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 4:30 p.m. at the Mead Art Museum on the college’s campus.

Nooks and Crannies: Oddities of the Mead Art Museum

With less than one percent of its collection on display, the Mead Art Museum's storage rooms are filled wtih everything from the beautiful and intricate to the strange and macabre. A small sampling of little-seen works by Director and Chief Curator Elizabeth Barker shows the stranger side of the Mead Art Museum.

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Daily Hampshire Gazette: Valley museums offer broad spectrum of art works

In this article (registration required) about the Mead Art Museum, Curator Elizabeth Barker discussed the organization’s collection and masterpieces.

A small, wood-paneled room in the corner of the Mead Art Museum has welcomed both King James and Robert Frost. Commissioned in the early 1600s by English knight Sir Roger Bodenham, finished in 1611, dismantled in 1731 and shipped to a Fifth Avenue showroom in 1913, the Rotherwas Room found its way into the hands of Herbert Lee Pratt, Class of 1895. Pratt bequeathed the room to Amherst College in 1944, and the Mead Art Museum was designed and built to accommodate it.