How to Fake a Limp

By Emily Gold Boutilier

On a Thursday morning in late September, a student arrived for class in Stirn Auditorium and posed a question to the instructor. “Are we going to see you,” she asked, “in People magazine?”

The Card-Carrier

Comedy and Acting by Matt Besser '89

imageMatt Besser is in a Jack Black film and on Comedy Central

The Express

Starring Rob Brown ’08E as Ernie Davis. Los Angeles: Universal Pictures, 2008 (in theaters), 2009 (on DVD). 129 minutes.

imageRob Brown '08E (right, in The Express) is a self-proclaimed "script
Article by Neely Steinberg ’99

Willing to Grow Hair (Starting Now)

imageReal hippies at the real Woodstock.By Emily Gold Boutilier

Inside Keefe Campus Center, things were not going well for the two men seated beneath a handmade sign. 

Movie Extras Wanted, the sign proclaimed, in red marker.

Where are the Masquers ?

Submitted by Reed F. Stewart

On Saturday I saw Nesbitt Blaisdell doing an excellent job in the play, Trying, based on the last years of the life of Judge Francis Biddle, whom Nebs portrayed.  Nesbitt has a long set of credits.  Who else is out there ?

The only connection I have had with the theatre is in a couple of school plays in Liberia and Kenya - unless you count many years as a college professor.

Where are other Maasquers ?