My Life: Gregory S. Call

My Life: Arthur Zajonc

Lisa Raskin, John William Ward Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Human behavior


When she was hired at Amherst in 1979, Lisa Raskin was just 25—one of the youngest faculty members in the college’s history.

Ben Lieber, Dean of Academic Support and Student Research

My Life: Rebecca Sinos, Professor of Classics

Interview by Gregory J. Campeau ’11

My Life: Judith Frank, Professor of English

My Life: Jonathan Friedman, Associate Professor of Physics

My Life: Catherine Sanderson, Associate Professor of Psychology

My Life: Jerome Himmelstein, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Sociology

Asking the right questions Interview by Katherine Duke ’05

My Life: Joel Upton, Professor of Art and the History of Art

Connection and contradiction
Professor Joel Upton
Interview by Ania Wieckowski ’03