My Life: Natasha Staller, Professor of the History of Art

Job Search Skills Tool Kit

This packet includes skill building handouts on the resume, cover letter, thank you note, informational interviewing, job shadowing, interviewing, sample networking scripts, and guides to using Experience, Optimal Resume, and finding an internship.

My Life: Judith Frank, Professor of English

Consuming Happiness

Daniel Barbezat talks money and happiness.

Interview by Peter Rooney

The Lonely Planets

imageGeorge Greenstein,the Sidney Dillon Professor of Astronomy

Interview by Peter Rooney

My Life: Jonathan Friedman, Associate Professor of Physics

Dr. Hollywood

My Life: Catherine Sanderson, Associate Professor of Psychology

President Marx and Students Interviewed on NPR

Submitted by Samuel A. Masinter
President Marx, along with several students, was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered. The story, titled "Colleges Face the Challenge of the Class Divide," and an audio recording of the broadcast are available on NPR's Website.