The Multicultural Resource Center is the hub for all groups at Amherst College that promote understanding of different cultural aspects present in our community.  It acts as a communication and activities hub, located in the Campus Center.

Contact Us:

Director: Mariana Cruz 
Phone: (413) 542-5372  Fax: (413) 542-5371 
Email: mrc@amherst.edu

Sidney Lin '17

Hi friends! My name is Sidney and I am a current sophomore with an undeclared (and also undecided) major. Through the MRC and its wonderful and open space, I've always found myself engaging in a vast array of interesting conversations about social justice. Through my project I've been researching for the Fellows program, I'm hoping to bring these conversations to a bigger audience on our campus. When I am not working inside the MRC or Val sitting away my time in Val, I'm most likely chasing after frisbees on the beautiful greenery that we call Amherst.

Simon Uljarevic '17

Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche happens every Friday at 2 PM in the MRC. Come join us and get to know your Amherst College staff. Check out these photos from our past Cafe con Leche events!

Jessi Wilcox '15

Ajanae Bennett '16

Lucas Rénique-Poole '15

Rashaa Fletcher '15

Dakota Foster '18