Queens of the Masai Mara


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From West Indians and Africans:

Mugabe argues for 2 permanent seats for Africa on the Security Council - too interesting.

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African Film Series 2007

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The African Film Series brings together recent releases from the African Film Festival’s traveling series with a special screening of Jean-Marie Téno’s Chief! this November 7th to 15th at Amherst Cinema.

African Film Series 2008

The African Film Series 2008 brings the national traveling series of African Film Festival (AFF) for two weeks of screenings across the campuses of Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  This series is free and open to the public.

Angels in the Dust

Produced by James Egan ’72. Los Angeles: Wild at Heart Films, Dream Out Loud Films and Parti­cipant Productions, 2007 (in theaters), 2008 (on DVD). 94 minutes.