Field Camp

Chug Gympsum
Geology field camp is an integral part of a student geology experience. At field camp, students spend 5-6 weeks outdoors, learning to interpret the geologic history and structure of natural environments. Geology majors at Amherst are encouraged to attend any field camp.

The Rise of the Oceans

By Eric Goldscheider

Photos courtesy Andrea Dutton ’95

[Climate change] Thanks to records derived from ice core samples, geoscientists can identify, with considerable accuracy, the average temperatures at the Earth’s poles over the past 400,000 years. We know less about how those temperatures correlate to the rise and fall of global sea level. That is where researchers such as Andrea Dutton ’95 come in.

My Space: Leslie Moclock '10E

If a 1-billion-year-old coffee mug or a 40-year-old plant aren't strange and wonderful enough, there's plenty more waiting in Leslie Moclock '10E's room in Humphries House. Her geology studies have taken her from Montana to the islands of Greece to an undisclosed and highly protected location somewhere in New England. She has the rocks to prove it.