The Harvey Blodgett Scholarship Combined with the Phi Delta Theta Scholarship

Recipient Awarded
Daniel D.

John Mason Clarke 1877 Fellowship

James Brophy ‘771979
Benny Loebner '781980
Mark Handy '801981
Laurie Wirt '801984, 85
Anne Walton '81E

The Richard M. Foose Award

Recipient Awarded
Neena Bashir '89 1987
James Crowley '89 1988
Jennifer Linton '89 1988
Rani Arbo '90E 1989
Claudia Borchert

The Walter F. Pond Prize

Recipient Awarded
Carolyn Shuko '84 1984
Thomas Hok '84 1984
Robert Greenwald '85 1985
Thomas Johnson '85 1985
Gregory Symme

The David F. Quinn Memorial Prize

Recipient Awarded
Gerald Fine '80 1980
David Alford '81 1981
Daniel Seaver '82 1982
Michael Hudec '83 1983
Carolyn Shuko '84

The Belt-Brophy Prize in Geology

Recipient Awarded
Christopher Reaves ‘79 1978
Mark Handy ‘80 1979
Christopher French '81 1980
Daniel Seaver '82 1981

Geology Logo

Submitted by Janet K. Price

Geology Building

Submitted by Janet K. Price

geology news logo

Submitted by Janet K. Price

Holyoke Range Collapse Large

Submitted by Andy Anderson
A three-dimensional view of the Holyoke Range, looking towards the west, and displaying an abstracted structural layer of rock that collapsed to its south.