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Check Clerks – Office of the AAS Treasurer

The Office of the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) Treasurer is seeking part-time check clerks for the 2013-2014 academic year. The AAS Treasurer administers and manages the student government’s one million dollar operating budget. Check clerks will assist the AAS Treasurer with clerical duties that are important to efficiently and effectively dispersing funds.

MTV News looking for Editorial Assistant

Submitted by Eric S. Ditzian on Wednesday, 9/21/2011, at 3:04 PM

MTV News is seeking an editorial assistant with an encyclopedic knowledge of movies and a ceaseless passion to cover them. Do you devour “Twilight” and YA fiction? Can you swing with “Spider-Man” and rise with “The Dark Knight”? Will you boldly go where J.J. Abrams has gone before? If so, we’re looking for you!

Web Designer Needed

Submitted by Polly Hall on Friday, 9/9/2011, at 4:34 PM

Howdy, Amherst pals.  A client I am working for needs some website work done.  There is an existing site that needs a bit of design help and content re-organization/updating.  I am handy with web-work but I want someone more knowledgeable than myself to produce clean, efficient code.

My client will pay hourly with a cap of $600 to get the project done.  I need someone I can trust who has a portfolio of recent work.

Happy to hire an Amherst grad or take a first-hand referral.