Faculty News Briefs

By Katherine Duke '05

J.P. Baird, assistant professor of psychology in the neuroscience program, received a $237,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health last winter to fund three years of research into the effects of certain neuropeptides on the eating habits of laboratory rats. The work could help scientists better understand eating disorders in humans.

The Stray Dog Cabaret, a collection of Russian modernist poems translated by Paul Schmidt and edited by Professor

The Next Stage

This spring, five Amherst faculty members officially retired. Here are snapshots of each of them.

Peter Czap sat out the Cuban Missile Crisis in Moscow. It was October 1962, about a month into his first trip to the Soviet Union, and the United States had just discovered Soviet missile bases being built in Cuba. Suddenly, the International Herald-Tribune stopped appearing at Czap’s door. Moscow Radio became his only source for news.

Czap, who’d gone to Moscow to conduct archival research, witnessed the

Circus Act

Submitted by Marjan Hajibandeh

Marjan Hajibandeh ‘09E continues her conversations with newly tenured faculty. Next in line is Maria Heim.

Knowing of Maria Heim’s long list of achievements, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn about her experiences in a three-ring circus. While she spent time as an acrobat, a flame thrower and a lion tamer, she was most famous for her juggling skills. People would gather from all over the country to witness her throw large pieces of furniture in the air, all while balancing a Bengal tiger on her nose.