Learning by Listening

February 9, 2010

This past month, economics major Sid Salvi ’12E collaborated with local nonprofit Arise for Social Justice, residents of East Springfield and two other college students to ascertain what impact a proposed biomass plant might have on the community.

Following the Lead: Engagement Advisors

Submitted on Wednesday, 2/4/2015, at 2:00 PM

Engagement Advisors

(Uju Momah '15 talks engagement with Jessica Maposa '17)

January 2015 - text by Jenny Morgan, photography by Sandra Costello

When Dina Cruz ‘15 began her first year at Amherst, she had no idea what she was passionate about and she didn’t know where to start. “It was a little bit overwhelming,” she remembers. “Coming from high school, there was a very prescribed number of things you could do, but at Amherst, it’s kind of like you have the whole world open to you.” 

Sarah Leyman ’11 and Molly Mead

Sarah Leyman, a senior and member of the Amherst women’s basketball team, and Molly Mead, director of Amherst’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) discuss community service at Amherst College. Sarah, from Cincinnati, OH, was recently named one of five finalists from the NCAA’s Division I, II and III for the prestigious 7th Annual Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup. Presented annually by Athletes for a Better World, the Wooden Cup is awarded to the most outstanding role model among college athletes in America.

Richard A. Aronson, MD, MPH: Health Professions Advisor/Assistant Dean of Students Amherst College

Submitted by Richard A. Aronson

Richard Allan Aronson, MD, MPH

Amherst College Assistant Dean of Students/Health Professions Advisor


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