(Past Event) 1/15-17/2013 ON CAMPUS: What do you value and believe?

A Writing Center Min-Course. Come write a “This I Believe” essay, in the manner of those read on National Public Radio and published on thisibe-lieve.org. This course does not demand that you delve into your deepest convictions; “This I Believe” essays can be uplifting, moving, insightful, and/or amusing. Topics of “featured” essays in-clude not only the power of love, the value of mending (as opposed to fixing), and the lessons taught by failure, but also the authors’ be-liefs in barbecue, cows, and semi-permanent hair dye.

Special Events

Spiritual Autobiography with hari stephen kumar

Friday, October 21, noon, McCaffrey Room, Campus Center

Join us for a series of conversations with faculty and staff about their deeply held beliefs and values.  Lunch will be provided along with time for questions.  Future speakers this semester will be Prof. Karen Sanchez-Eppler & Beningo Sanchez-Eppler on Friday, November 4 and Prof. Hadley Arkes on Tuesday, December 6.