A Scrap of Poetry and the Book of a Beloved Friend: Two New Dickinson Items Rediscovered

Emily Dickinson writing rediscovered Amherst College has acquired two previously unknown Dickinson items.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Professor Elizabeth Young Assistant Professor of Chemistry Elizabeth Young won an NSF award for research that could one day help us use less energy to heat our homes and power our cars.

Digital Africas

Professor Rhonda Cobham-Sander Students taking the course “Digital Africas,” taught by Professor Rhonda Cobham-Sander and cross-listed in English and black studies, examine how African writers incorporate digital technologies into their work.

Environmental Leaders: The Next Generation

A new, $2 million Green Revolving Fund will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut campus energy use and help students develop real solutions to today’s environmental problems.

Flint Lead Crisis Renews Attention in Professor's Research

A widely lauded study by economics professor Jessica Wolpaw Reyes ’94 links the Clean Air Act’s removal of lead from gasoline in the 1970s to the dramatic nationwide drop in violent crime in the 1990s. This spring she's teaching a course on health economics and policy.

Amherst Brings Together Experts for Year-Long Study of Guns in Society

To some, the gun is a symbol of a society crumbling into violence and chaos. To others, it’s a necessary tool to protect society from crime and disorder. It’s a subject that invites fierce debate, and, at Amherst this year, close scholarly scrutiny.