Flint Lead Crisis Renews Attention in Professor's Research

A widely lauded study by economics professor Jessica Wolpaw Reyes ’94 links the Clean Air Act’s removal of lead from gasoline in the 1970s to the dramatic nationwide drop in violent crime in the 1990s. This spring she's teaching a course on health economics and policy.

Amherst Brings Together Experts for Year-Long Study of Guns in Society

To some, the gun is a symbol of a society crumbling into violence and chaos. To others, it’s a necessary tool to protect society from crime and disorder. It’s a subject that invites fierce debate, and, at Amherst this year, close scholarly scrutiny.

New Residence Halls Integrate Academic, Social Life

Combining learning and living in fresh new ways, four interconnected dorms opened for the first time this fall. They feature seminar rooms, study spaces and many places for fun and relaxation, both outdoors and inside. They are drawing students from all over campus.